Vadsø Kino valgte Barco serie 4 projektor

Når nye Vadsø Kino åpner sine dører blir det med RGB laserprojektor fra Barco. Nærmere bestemt en SP4K. Dette er Barcos fjerde generasjons kinoprojektor. I … "Vadsø Kino valgte Barco serie 4 projektor"

Forenklet automatikk

Vi tilbyr løsninger for både utskiftning av eksisterende paneler, samt nyinstallasjon for de som ikke har paneler i salen i dag. Løsningen er full integrerbar … "Forenklet automatikk"

Laser Projector in Lillehammer

We will soon install Lillehammer Kinos first “Laser Projector”. A Barco DP4K-13BLPHC, with high contrast(5000:1) and laser phosphor technology. The installation will take place the … "Laser Projector in Lillehammer"

Sony SRX-R815DS laser projector

HDR-ready 4K laser projection system The SRX-R815DS is an HDR-ready laser projection system with an industry-leading contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and brightness of 30,000 lumens … "Sony SRX-R815DS laser projector"

IBM – Glass wall

IBM just opened a new office space in Oslo, and we got the job for programming their lighting effects. The glass wall hides 25 vertical … "IBM – Glass wall"

Fredrikstad Kino – First Sony double stack system in Norway

Three months after installing Dolby atmos in 4 screens, they decided to upgrade their projection system in screen 2.

LedBlade – More than just a ledstrip

  Product introduction  LEDBLADE can be used not only as an independent visual item, but can also be integrated into a complex visual design (e.g. a … "LedBlade – More than just a ledstrip"

Fredrikstad – set to upgrade screen 4 and 6

  Back in December 2016 Fredrikstad Kino installed 4 Dolby atmos screens, leaving only screen 4 and 6 with old equipment. April 11  marks the … "Fredrikstad – set to upgrade screen 4 and 6"

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